How much does it cost to have my party at Emerald City Trapeze?


Flying Trapeze: ($450) Learn all of the basics, complete your first knee-hang, and attempt your very first catch in this exciting flying trapeze birthday package!

• Ages 6+
• Up to 8 flyers • $50 for each

additional (max 12)

Aerial: ($425) Have you been dreaming of learning aerial silks, hoop, or rope? Learn the basics in this fun and exciting aerial party package.

• Ages12+
• Silks, hoop, or rope • Up to 8 participants

Pole Dancing: ($350) This sizzling party package will get you moving to the music. Learn the basics of pole dancing and a few fun combos!

• Ages 18+
• Up to 8 participants • $30 for each additional (max 12)

Trampoline & Tumbling: ($250) Get your bounce on with our enormous euro-trampoline. Learn cool twists, springs, rolls, and flips.

• Ages 5+
• Up to 6 participants • $35 for each additional (max 12)


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