What do I wear?

What Should I Wear?

Stripes, knee-high socks, polka-dots, feathers, sequins and glitter, bow-ties, multi colored tights, leg warmers, leotards/unitards and any other circus wear are highly encouraged!

Please wear comfortable, form-fitting athletic clothes – jeans and shorts are not recommended! You should be able to move in your clothes, but if they are too baggy, they will get in your way and be uncomfortable. Shoes are not permitted on the mats or any apparatus. If you have long hair, please put it up with an elastic band. Remove all jewelry. Contact lenses are preferable to glasses if you have the option, as glasses are not permitted on the flying trapeze rig.

For flying trapeze we suggest:

  • Form-fitting pants below the knees (as you will be hanging form the bar by your knees), such as tights, yoga pants, leggings, running pants, or tight sweat pants.
  • Athletic tops – preferably a few layers!
  • Socks or bare feet once you arrive.

For aerial classes:

  • Form-fitting athletic clothing is best and it is generally more comfortable to have skin covered rather than exposed (tights or leggings are a good idea).
  • Clothing with buttons, snaps, zippers, rivets or other metal accessories are not permitted on any apparatus, as these can damage our equipment and are generally uncomfortable to work out in.


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