What will you do in your flying trapeze class?

From absolute beginner to aspiring circus professional, we offer Flying Trapeze classes for all levels. First-time students are welcomed into the fold and inducted into the world of flying trapeze through our Ground School, a 20-30 minute introduction to the rig, take-off techniques, flight, their first trick, and their dismount into the net.

During the remaining 90 minutes, students will take turns flying through the air on our full-sized trapeze rig, practicing the knee-hang trick, and if they are ready by the end of class, even ‘going for the catch’ with one of our experienced instructors. As students advance and gain confidence (which is generally by the end of their first class), we introduce new tricks that develop spatial awareness. Returning students build their repertoire of tricks, learn to properly and powerfully swing, work ‘in hands’ with the catcher and return back to the bar, eventually remounting the board.


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