I'm afraid of heights. Will I be okay?


At Emerald City Trapeze Arts, we encourage everyone to participate. If you are afraid of heights, please speak with one of our instructors. They will hold your hand through the entire process and ensure that you are 100% comfortable with each step. There is never any pressure to proceed. If you aren't feeling comfortable, you are welcome to watch other students.

We frequently have individuals who wish to conquer their fears. All flyers will be required to wear a harness at all times, including climbing the ladder, standing on the board, flying, landing, and leaving the net. While you are in the air, there will be a spotter who will control the ropes, ensuring that your motion is controlled. 

Most people who are afraid of heights leave Emerald City Trapeze feeling empowered. We thank our staff everyday for their ever-encouraging attitudes and ability to make everyone feel safe and secure at all times. 


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